Sheri and Grant(non-registered)
Once again you have outdone yourself Alex!! Such a keen eye for unique details. Love the pictures always!!!
Marc Selby(non-registered)
Wow, my dentist is one hell of a photographer! One day you'll have to get some parkour shots on here :)
Edward Balcewich(non-registered)
Amazing photos...can't get enough of them!
Your eyes capture art and expression in your photos. Have camera, will travel. Keep on! You are Good!!!
Betty Harrison(non-registered)
Dear Dr. Zimmer,
Your pictures are amazing, especially the Silverbacks - you can see the emotion in their eyes! It is nice to see the world through your camera lens. Thank you for sharing.
ALex you make a person wanting to go there....Your pictures are amazing ... I hope to see some in your office as they are worth hanging up....thanks so much for sharing !
Edwin Yee(non-registered)
Great shots Alex, I especially like the French Quarter. They look inviting and make me wish I was there.
Kristen Friedenberg(non-registered)
I took one of your cards after my dentist appointment today. Great shots! I loved looking at the photos from Paris and Italy and other places I've travelled :)
saul simmonds(non-registered)
Wow. If we see half as much with our eyes as your lenses we will have a great trip.
Fantastic feast for the eyes! Thank you for sharing.
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