Zenfolio | Alex Zimmer | Japan: Tokyo and Osaka

The City, the People and the culture
Bright lights of ShinjukuIMG_0518View from the bar at the Park Hyatt-- we did not see Bill Murray but there was a great Jazz bandIMG_0530Harajuku neighbourhood -- a few people walking down Omotesando StreetDSC_1530Mount Fuiji -- at 320 km/h --- from the bullet trainDSC_1395It is so orderly as people line up to get on to the subwayDSC_0811Tsukiji Fish MarketIMG_0090Shibuya Crossing: Lights turn red, cars stop and the people surge in organized chaosShibuya CrossingShibuya CrossingDSC_0993If no one has told you about the bathroom standards, this says it allLost  in translationLots of surgical masksThe Fashions